Locations: Virtual

Since the start of COVID-19, IMI Law has been operating virtually. This change began as a precaution for the health and safety of all, and it will remain for the convenience and flexibility it offers. This means that we can assist you from the comfort and privacy of your home.

The main venue for our virtual meetings is Microsoft Teams. Once you have your appointment scheduled and paid, we will send you a personalized link for that appointment. While you do not need to create a Microsoft account, we do recommend that you download the Teams app if you are joining from a cell phone.

Please be sure to test the link a few hours before your appointment, and enter the waiting room a few minutes before you are scheduled to meet with us. Thank you!

Using Microsoft and Microsoft Teams is free, easy, and leaves you with more knowledge and familiarity with the technological world that is so common in this country. At IMI Law, we believe in empowering you, so that you can see more success in your new home.